Sharing the intense Japa realizations with the Hare Krishna devotees across the world

Hare Krishna Nama Prabhu is today descending on the tongues of millions of jiva every moment in different parts of the world and is involved in their lives personally to the extent they relate with Him personally. Since Srila Prabhupada introduced this chanting, several decades have passed and hundreds of devotees who have left their body in the midst of chanting have been delivered from this world by Nama Prabhu. Our turn of this greatest moment in our life  of so called-death will come any moment and the holy name will deliver us too. 

For the devotees, this is the most important activity of the Lord that is happening currently in this world of Maya and hence are ambitious to see more and more of this celebration of Sankirtana on this earth. None of the transient empty material dream-like activities of this world of karma fall on the screen of eternity except devotional service to the Lord on this earth.

My Japa Experiences

Shri Madhu Pandit Dasa shares with you his experiences of practicing intense japa for the past many years.
“Srila Prabhupada spent several years in intense Nama bhajan at Sri Radha Damodar temple in Vrindavan before leaving for USA. He stated that he lives there eternally in his bhajan kutir at Radha Damodar temple. This bhajan kutir is still maintained by the sevaits of that temple. When you are in Vrindvana, I request all of you to go and chant few rounds sitting before Srila Prabhupada and get spiritually charged.”

Madhu Pandit Dasa’s top 10 tips on chanting Hare Krishna Mantra

  1. Focus on the sound.The words “Hare Kṛṣṇa” should be very distinctly pronounced and heard. Sometimes one mechanically produces a hissing sound instead of chanting with the proper pronunciation with the help of the lips and tongue.
  2. Moment to moment doing and tasking intent is a key motivating factor.Enjoy the success rasā of hearing every word.
  3. Chant with  instant intention of delightfully giving pleasure to the immediate ‘here and now’ manifest  Holy Name  by chanting and hearing with attentive involvement or indulgence in the sensation of that particular mantra followed by oneself sensing the satisfaction of such giving of that bit of pleasure to the Holy Name.
  4. Chant with a continuing uninterrupted intention between the mantras for accumulating a fixed target of such instant pleasure givings to the Holy Name  manifest as activity of counting at that instant of moving the beads and sensing satisfaction of progressive cumulative achievement. Caution: while releasing cumulative intent limit the attention to the ‘here and now’ moment of instant  incremental increase between the mantras and get back to sensing the sound again.
  1. Do not just observe aloofly and attentively leaving the chanting and hearing to theyantra( observing attention) but involve and indulge attentively (but indulging attention) with your tongue, ears and mind in chanting and hearing, remembering Nama and counting. 
  2. Do not allow the mind to engage in exploratory thinking or intellectual processingduring Japa on any subject. Exploring solutions for problems or for directions for any task.
  3. Don’t give gap between bead to bead while chanting and hearing.
  4. Srila Prabhupad says“You don’t keep your mind elsewhere. You keep your mind on the chanting. “Hare Kṛṣṇa,” and hear. So practice it and you’ll see how spiritually you are making advancement. You simply chant Hare Kṛṣṇa and try to hear the sound, that’s all.”
  5. Japa is a daily activity that we perform.Being a daily activity, whether we realize it or not, japa habits are formed, and like other habits, they could be good or bad. So practice good japa habits.
  6. The offense of being inattentive is the culprit! Just as light comes out of the torch, so also attention comes out of the soul and wherever it shines on, your soul senses that object. Shine your attention on hearing.

Course Details

108 Modules 

Beautifully explained modules with each module creating an exciting interest in the next module.

These modules are well designed to help even a chanter at beginner level to become an expert chanter over a period of one year if one successfully completes the course.


By Madhu Pandit Prabhu explaining the process of Japa 


Quizzes at the end of every module to enhance the learning of that particular module  


Assignments that helps you to continuously raise the quality of chanting after every module.


Thousands of Srila Prabhupada’s quotes on Japa 


Module wise question answers asked by the members 

Application to Japa

Exercises to turn Jnana to Vijnana

Who can join this course?

Any devotee who has started chanting japa and who have started reading seriously Srila Prabhupada’s books. Even devotees with one or two rounds daily is also fine. You can freely send course invite link to such devotees.

What kind of questions can be asked?

Try to restrict your postings to three types of questions that are related to the modules posted by Sri. Madhu Pandit Prabhu.

a. Questions seeking more clarity on what he writes. If you post general scattered questions on japa, he will include the answers in some modules in future that relevant to the question.

b. Questions on how to overcome challenges that you are facing as you implement soulful japa.

c. Your feedback on how it is helping you and any suggestions to improve the group learning. Feedbacks will be individually replied by Sri. Madhu Pandit Prabhu and may not be posted in the group. That way you have a direct connect with him in the matter of your japa.

Where can I post my questions on Japa practice?

We have a telegram group. Kindly join by clicking on the mentioned link. Post your questions to Ananth Kirti Dasa who is the admin for the group. (9342190589). Make them short and crisp. He will forward that to Sri.Madhu Pandit Prabhu and the answers along with the questions will be posted in Soulful Japa Q&A group. The names of devotees asking questions will be withheld and only questions will appear with answers.

Can I ask questions to Madhu Pandit Prabhu for personal spiritual guidance?

Sure. You can directly send the questions to him. But you may have to patiently wait for the answer as per his time frame. His first priority is to answer questions for the group.

Can we send telegram invite to new joiners at any stage ?

Yes, devotees can be invited to join the group at any stage. The Modules are available on the website so that the beginner can get into the flow. The same content is also posted in Soulful Japa telegram group.

Srila Prabhupada on Soulful Japa

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